Accreditations & Inspections

MEUK Accreditation Reports

Montessori Accreditation is the name of the ME(UK) school accreditation scheme. It is a quality assurance process that is designed to help schools continuously develop and enhance their Montessori practice.  It consists of an ongoing programme of support, guidance and improvement for all members of staff, which ensures that the school continues to embody the highest Montessori standards.

Assessment October 2017

Ofsted Inspection Reports

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. It reports directly to Parliament and is both independent and impartial. By law it must inspect schools with the aim of providing information to parents, to promote improvement and to hold schools to account.
Their role is to make sure that organisations providing education, training and care services in England do so to a high standard for children and students.  As an Independent school, they also ensure we are complying with the Independent School Standards.

Full Inspection November 2018

Progress Inspection November 2017

Full Inspection February 2017