Did you know that the early education you choose for your child will affect how they learn for the rest of their lives?

Dr Montessori discovered that children learn best when all of their senses – especially touch – are involved in the learning process. She created enticing materials to manipulate, and through their exploration, children develop inner discipline that fosters their natural curiosities.

She discovered that given the proper amount of guidance and freedom, children develop a positive sense of self and their community. The role of the teacher in this process is to act as a vital link between children and their surroundings.

A Montessori education allows children the freedom to fulfil their natural curiosity and their desire to learn and stands apart from other educational models.

We believe in each child, we guide them, we step aside and let them fly!

Our Vision

At GCM we want to create a joyful, diverse family-oriented community to nurture the development of
each child to his or her fullest potential – intellectually, physically, socially, creatively, emotionally and spiritually.